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Mutton Masala

by Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant


4.60 (17)

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24 March 2021
SE PASOOO❤️❤️❤️ es por lejos mi restaurante Indio favorito!!

Tiene muchísimas opciones veganas y este plato uffff no se imaginan lo que es! Una explosión de sabores (no quería que se terminara)

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31 January 2020
Me ha costado acostumbrarme a la comida India por lo picante que es, pero tengo

que admitir que los sabores, especias y sazones que usan son esquisitos❤️ Este plato es riquísimo, los pedazos de "carne" son hechos en base de soya y champiñones y la salsa un manjar!!!!

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22 April 2021
another top notch dish from gokul.

goes amazingly well with any roti or rice. portion also something you never have to doubt at gokul.

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22 June 2019
So good!

I love Gokul, I used to get delivery from here almost everyday. Their vegan chicken rice is excellent but it’s only available on certain days.

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15 February 2020
The mock meat on this dish was tender.

And the gravy was so full of flavor!

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1 February 2020
Damn the “mutton” bits in this are cooked so well! Normally, mock meats tend to

be chewy but this was soft - almost like actual mutton. Packed with good flavours - can’t go wrong with this

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31 January 2020
TQ @meowmeowfuzzyface for getting Gokul’s 🤩 I love their food so much.

This masala isn’t as spicy as it looks, and the sauce is so flavourful, it’d be lovely on a bed of rice! 🍚 Not a fan of mock meat but Gokul’s mock meat is quite nice

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21 April 2021
This was delicious, a tad spicier than I can handle, but totally worth it.

The texture is a bit similar to real mutton, but that doesn’t affect how tasty it was overall.

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13 February 2020
What could ever possibly go wrong with masala?

The 'mutton' is tender, and is perfect to go with their incredibly huge serving of basmati rice. #cherishfootprints

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28 April 2021
Now this I liked.

The mutton was extremely similar to how I remember meat. The gravy was thick and decadent. Overall, this is an absolute winner for me!

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