Penang Rendang

by Whole Earth
4.39 (40)
  • Is Penang Rendang vegan? Yes! Penang Rendang is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

The best dish tonight! Definitely get this dish when you are here. You won’t regret

it! ☺️ The monkeyhead mushroom were so juicy & my omni dad was so shook by how the texture was kinda similar to meat. #lighthouse

Must try! This vegan twist is amazing. Spicy and very very flavourful. The mushrooms taste

delicious. The curry is extremely tasty. Goes well with rice. Good portion size for two people. Exotic and authentic, gives a very earthy feeling.

Always a must when I come to Whole Earth! This was the first place I

experienced the use of mushrooms in rendang many years ago and it blew my mind.. This dish still blows my mind to this day 😍

I'm so used to the rendang made at home with soy chicken/meal maker so this

was a little new to me. I think it was Jack fruit. The taste was yummy though

Not bad for a vegetarian #rendang 🥥 Especially at what seems to be a Chinese

restaurant 🙈 I think using #mushrooms earned them the win here - #fakemeat unless it’s really absorbent or a good enough synonym for #beef almost never cuts it. This was a bit more on the sweet side & in my opinion could have been a bit more #spicy 🌶️ I lived in Penang for 5 years, I think I get to have an opinion on this 🤭 I’d still recommend it though. Objectively, it’s a great meal!

Love this dish. So good!! And rendang curry was not as spicy as I expected.

Initially I thought portion was small, but actually it's quite filling and strong taste.

#vegan #rendang

Happy Month-end! Let's celebrate with one of my most memorable dishes from Whole Earth. Introducing

their Penang Rendang which is made up of shiitake mushrooms instead of the usual lion mane mushroom. The one that outshone is most is definitely the Rendang sauce. It is the best Rendang I have ever tasted so far and it goes really well with rice. We also had this with their sambal chilli to add an additional spicy kick to it! First time here and I am already understanding all the raves on this dish. Will be back the next time when I feel the urge to splurge as it is pretty costly here.

Super tasty and excellent texture — tasted just like rendang! This was my first time

at Whole Earth and I must say they have a super extensive vegan menu with lots of local #veganized dishes! ✌🏻 Would absolutely visit again!

An absolute winner of a dish. Incredibly flavourful rendang that goes so well with a

rice dish. Just the right levels of rich, pleasing umami.


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