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Apparently there is a benefit to coming here often! My colleagues frequent this place a

lot more than I do because I had the idea that their rotation of dishes was somewhat limited. How wrong I am! This #buddhabowl is delicious, with times of #tofu & #mushroom to boot 🥾 For greens you get #broccoli and some.. greens? Leaves! 😋 For an added iron boost too 🤌 I used a takeout cup for their #soup today but the aunt at the shop complained that the container is too small 🥲 Even on dishes where I would anyways slather the soup over the rice she refuses to pour it over the dish because she "has her principles" 🙄 Not enough to prevent our collective #deathbyplastic though! Shade aside, bring a #takeout container - 2 and enjoy this delicious meal 🙌

This was absolutely delicious! I love everything about it & only $5.30 (including soup) for

such a huge portion? I’m sold! It had basmati rice, Baby Bok Choi, Mushroom, Silken Tofu & this delicious chickpea sweet potato curry 🥰 Soup of the day was Cauliflower & Tomato which was great as well🍅 Definitely going back again! Remember to bring your own container! #littlebuckets

Super impressed with this Buddha bowl! Broccoli, asparagus, greens, nuts, seeds all served on a

special mixed brown rice. Best part their hot sauce was delicious and went really well with the green veggies. It also came with a soup which was super creative, snow pear and corn! This is their daily special for only S$5.50 to go or $6 if you eat in (it comes in a nicer looking bowl). Will definitely be back. Super healthy and satisfying!

#sgcbd #healthyish #bestof #cheapeats

Este lugar es lo mejor! Por $5 tienes este plato más una sopa💚 y siempre

super sabroso todo!
Este plato salió dentro de los #sgtop50 y con justa razón! Picante pero no tanto, diferentes sabores que juntos quedan super bn!
Mi único pero es la textura del tofú 🙈 q personalmente no me gusta que esté tan blando

This feel so homemade, nourishing, and basically just downright soul-affirming. My favorite part were the

seasoned mushrooms, and I liked the yam for a change. Their chili is always stellar too! Bring your own reusables for takeaway and it's just $5!

A simple but tasty dish, the mushrooms are super juicy and fragrant, and the chili

sauce packs a punch. Most importantly, it’s very close to the office!

Not a bad dish due to the low price point. $5.70. Chilli quite good still

not as spicy for me. Maybe could have more variantion on the veggie side.

When I don't feel like thinking about what to have for lunch I just go

here and so far i've had it for 3 lunches in a row LOL 😂 today's dish was basmati rice with enoki mushrooms, taukwa, lotus root slices with corn and sweet potato curry. I've never had sweet potato in curry before and it was really delicious!! Love the pumpkin seed toppings that added some crunch. Overall a generous portion of a v nutritious meal for only $5 (if you BYO), perfect for after a spin class session where i could not breathe 😵

Ingredients changes daily. For $6, this was a hearty and homely meal that comes with

a nutritious soup. Today's bowl had brown rice, okra, veges and pumpkin seeds. Soup had bits of celery, cashew, red dates, carrot and corn. Luckily I went a bit earlier, just a few orders before it sold out for the day. It's also cheaper by 50 cents if you takeaway as the place is small but try to byo!

Each dish comes w a bowl of soup (except for soupy noodles) for $6 and

$5.5 for take-away. Used to be $5 for dine-in last yr but they hv increased the price. Food here tastes homely and healthy but portion can be a little small for big-eaters. I usually upsize veggies (+$1) / soup (+$0.5) which is q worth it imo! One drawback is some dishes dont hv any protein.

Only 1 dish is served everyday and it changes daily which they will post on their facebook. The place is q small so expect to hv to wait for seats! Food can run out q fast at ard 1+pm. Note tht they only accept cash.

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