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I have not eaten at a food market like a humble local since 2012 😅

Simply because markets / coffee shops do not sell vegan-friendly food. But i am glad to visit this vegetarian stall that sells vegan-friendly Lor Mee. I’ve never had Lor Mee once in my entire life so i don’t know how this fairs with the actual thing. But this tastes amazing.

The Lor Mee (served every Tue & Thu) has a mixture of 2 different chewy noodles with “char siew”, “ngoh hiang”, fried beancurd skin & bean sprouts.

Another lovable thing about this stall is that they use a Pay-It-Forward scheme. So you can pay however much you can afford to / want to. The owner at the stall was telling me that this scheme was implemented for charity.

Dear Vegans & Supporters,
Came here because of your reviews! Wanted to try their laksa then

realised its not available on fridays. Still, am so happy I came on the wrong day otherwise I would never know how amazing this dish is! I know it sounds ridiculous but I think I’ve never had lor mee even before I turn vegan, idk why but was never impressed enough to ever order lor mee myself - always thought it looks too greasy & dark. 🙊🤷🏿‍♀️ So glad it was mummy yummy that took my lor mee virgin away, change my whole prospective of this dish. Also, I just realised it’s right below my mom’s office, definitely going to have this & their laksa as often as I can. Heard their Shenton outlet is going to close soon due to rental increase. 🙁


Sticky, spicy #vegan Lor Mee! 🍜🍜 Yummy Mummy is #payasyouwish, and the stall auntie is

insanely welcoming and funny. The proceeds are channeled to communites in need 😌 She is also enthusiastic about #byo and more than happy to fill your reusable container with her delicious food. Would have preferred the Lor Mee to be slightly less starchier. Generous serving and lots of veggies included! #veganisnotscary

Another amazing dish from my favourite joint in Singapore. I’ve only ever had the vegetarian

version one from near my house and never really liked it so I stayed away from ordering this here too. What a mistake that was! This was so delicious, flavourful and perhaps not the healthiest 😅 #sgeats

They only serve up this #veganized lor mee on Monday,Wednesday,Friday.

Wow, this was absolutely delicious! I think it’s the first time I’ve encountered the flat

yellow noodles at a veg stall, usually they use the normal round yellow noodles as the traditional flat noodles have egg. Didn’t expect so many fried ingredients though, it’s not very healthy. Would appreciate having more ingredients especially tofu for a more balanced meal and slightly less salty.

First time trying the lor mee (available Mon, Wed, Fri) since I always get the

laksa (Tue, Thu). I prefer to mix the thick noodles with beehoon and add lots of chilli and vinegar! I'm not much of a lor mee person generally, so this was okay I guess. am always a sucker for the fried spring rolls tho hehe

Lllllovely lormee from mummy yummy. As tasty as I remember it, but without the meat.

Nice crunchy bean curd skin mixed with mock char Siew and a sprinkling of parsley makes this a wonderfully filling lunch dish, even without the lard and vinegar.

I had this again 😅. They had sour chilli sauce today instead of sambal and

i added it, and a ton of vinegar. $4.50 on its own. I added a fried beancurd roll thingy and it was $5.50 total.

First time having Mummy Yummy since they moved to Amoy hawker centre and they've changed

to a "pay as you wish" model which can be annoying if you don't have exact change. Anyway, I paid $5 for this and felt like I didn't really get my money's worth as compared to if I were to pay $5 for a not vegan lor mee so I will probably not have it again. Gave 5 stars for presentation cos I brought my own container LOOOL

Actually very typical vegan food that Chinese people tend to represent all food stuff with

To Fu or bean curd. Really worth trying but since some food are fired so not that cater to the people suffering from sore throat or in hatred of oily food :)

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