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What’s not like about this dish? Maki rolls are fresh and flavourful. I usually don’t

use the soy sauce. The rolls taste just fine on their own.


FIVE STARS again!! im on a roll haha. this avocado roll was amazing. the ‘salmon’

tasted almost like the real thing, with the fishy taste and chewy texture! i also didn’t know that the mayonnaise was vegan until i saw other people’s reviews on abillion 😂 i love avocado rolls and this vegan avocado roll was no less tasty than non-vegan ones!!

this is my first time eating at herbivore, and i really appreciate that japanese vegetarian restaurants exist :”) i hope herbivore will continue for a long long time and i would have many more lovely vegan dinners with great company in the years to come 💚

Best vegan sushi roll but worse service ever! Top notch kitchen. Two servers should be

taught what is customer service! Very poor service. Server snatched the ordering tablet & keyed in orders without letting us go through the menu. Hovered and rushed us during ordering, and made a lot of noise at cashier area.
Simple reason is the servers were eager to go home on a sunday evening when the restaurant had only 3 occupied tables.
The restaurant closing time is 9:30pm. We arrived at 8.45pm & was told by Server A they are closed. A kind gentleman Server B told server A to wait as he checks with the kitchen. He came back to say kitchrn is not closed & we can dine in.
Before we could even sit down, Server A told us "no more grilled food".
Server C came & took over the ordering iPad & said in Chinese "Must order fast. You come before? I order for you faster. The avocado sushi is best." I nodded & she keyed in the order without even letting us look at the menu.
Server C "noodle or rice?".
Me "Bento"
Server C "No more bento."
Me "No more grilled items but bento has non grilled items right, like the curry bento?"
Server C runs off to ask kitchen & comes back, grabs the tablet from my hands to key in the order. "Any more*
Me "You are stressing me. Can you please let us look at the menu & decide."
Server C backs off.
I actually wanted something else & in the end just ordered the curry bento & my bf was so fed up he just ordered the chicken bento.
Server A came to check the order & said no more chicken, and said "order the two items first then you decide." She hovered over us & it was really stressful.
By this time, my bf was actually going to leave as he felt so disturbed by how the servers rushed us. But he just pointed at the next item Unagi bento. He didnt say anything because he knew how much I love & craved Japanese food and I liked Herbivore.
We were both tired and harassed. Just looking forward to the food to be served. The food is really top notch.
However the experience is so poor that we had lost our appetite. I could only eat 5 mouthfuls of my bento & asked to pack my bento for take away.
My usually joyful bf had totally stopped smiling & focused on wolfing down his food.
BF "I have totally lost my appetite. Maybe we should just leave. Even eating the prata across the road would have been a better dinner. I dont even get to choose what I want to eat. Rush rush rush, so rude and bad service."
While we were eating, all the servers disappeared. I waited 10 minutes before Server B appeared & helped me to pack the food.
After I wolf down the sushi, i wonder if the mayo is vegan or not as I was so rushed I forgot to ask. Hiaz...
At 9.15pm the servers gathered around the cashier & started chit chatting very loudly. It was very disturbing.
We left at 9.25pm even before closing time.
With most restaurant business suffering during Covid, dont you think it is important to treat your clientele better?
The lesson we learnt is - it is totally ok to just walk out without ordering. If the servers are not interested in doing their job, the experience will just be bad. There are a lot of other options.
#herbivore #fivestarfood #poorservice #sushi #avocado @abillionveg #tryharder

#sushi is another one of those somethings that I just haven’t had since going #vegan

🤓 The wait could not have been more worth it 🤪

It tastes just like #sushirolls from a high-ish end #japanese restaurant 😜 You’ll notice the really clean roll. Admire the well ratio-ed interior elements 👏 I can’t remember what else was there other than cucumbers. This was just so incredible my brain only prioritised to remember it as a delicious mouthful 😋 But things that stuck out was the spectacular coating of mayo in a crunchy umami 🤤 and seaweed 😝

I don’t know the standard for sushi internationally but where I’m from, it’s double this price. Somehow, $12 seems unquestionably worth it for this quality 🔥

Can’t wait to get to the rest of the orders from this place… Spoiler alert: it only gets good 👌

This was the most visually pleasant presentation of avocados I’ve ever seen! I preferred the

unagi maki to this one just because of the raw flavour that all avocados 🥑 seem to have. Despite that, it made for a great dish that I throughly enjoyed! #sushi #abillionlove #avocado

I enjoyed the creamy texture from the avocado, making this one taste different from the

others we have had. It had the vibe of a California roll but better!

#veganisnotscary #singapore #sushi

🤤another fav from herbivore! a real yummy treat for avo lovers 🥑! so smooth, creamy

& filling. & that vegan mayoo..🤯 looks as good as it tastes! #veganisnotscary

(bonus: they accepted our takeaway container! 😍 thanks to my trusted fren @deinocheirus for bringing this. remember your reusables, kids!)

Great dish! I love anything avocado and rice so this is perfect for my taste

buds. Love the little drop of vegan mayo at the top of each sushi. I’m not a fan of sashimi (raw fish); even the vegan ones so i took them out before eating the whole sushi. 😸 #abillionlove

The avocado slices were too thin and wasn't fully ripe. Hence, I couldn't really taste

the fatty and rich flavour that one would associate with an avocado. On the plus side, the sushi rice was well seasoned and the dish was plated beautifully. #crfsg

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