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Went a bit crazy with my burger since I was getting it delivered and I

added a vegan egg, vegan cheese, and satay sauce to my all-time fav chilli krab burger. It’s definitely a lot nicer without all those random add-ons but lesson learned 😂 #burger

I thought this comes with the vegan egg ! Regardless, the patty was quite a

good combination w the sauce #crf

Limited edition for Singapore’s NatIonal Day.
Patty did feel like a seafood patty! I thought they

flavored were great for something trying to mock chilli crab. Spicy in the right way and the chilli sauce they created definitely made me think of chilli crab.
Fluffy buns, didn’t feel overly full/bloated after so that’s amazing too!
#veganburg #chillicrab #holiday

Another v apt #nationalday🇸🇬burger on offer is the 🦀 Chilli Krab burger 🍔 ($13.90 à

la carte)

The crunchy breaded konjac patty had a soft and very slightly chewy texture on the inside, like the mini crab balls I used to eat before I became more plant-based. The mix of mayo and chili crab sauce elevated the flavour profile of the burger 🌟

Thank you for being only mildly spicy as well, so people like me who don’t like too much spice can enjoy this national dish too 🙏😋

#sgburger #burger

Finally tried the famed #chillicrab burger at Veganburg 😛 Loved the patty and the dressing,

thought it was unlike any other and well worth the try. Also it’s nestled ina cute corner at Eunos, away from the hustle and bustle. Picked brocolli as sides and they were crispy and well salted! 🥦🥦 #veganisnotscary

TGIF for burgers! Anything that has to do with breads are my favourite since young

:P. I had always wanted to try this but held back due to the other equally appetising options available! I added their vegan egg as a reminiscence to the actual chili crab. Instead of their usual plant protein patty, this comes with a konjac patty instead, topped with their vegan chili krab sauce and mayo, topped with fresh lettuce and coriander. This patty is not as 'meaty' as their usual one and a little softer than I would have preferred. However, the main highlight was the sauce which goes very well with the entire burger. It was surprisingly more towards the spicy side, though I think the mayo is more than I would have preferred. The vegan egg, needless to say, has always been my favourite and it definitely match this burger very well! #veganin2020

Finish work ard ths area today n decided to drop by cos i haven't been

here in a while.
Realised i haven't had dis burger b4.
Tried it.
It's nice, d patty really had the krab texture n taste minus d fishy/sea smell.
Im ok with the sauce,not too crazy abt it.
Generally this is not something i'll order again. If just staying with familiarity i'd stick with d mushroom one.
Had it as a meal with those seaweed fries.
Well deserving after a loooooong work day!


Haven’t been to veganburg in many years, and I feel like either their standards have

dropped or I’ve been spoiled by the much yummier burgers from Love Handle Burgers and NomVnom… The chili crab burger patty (bottom left) was like the texture and taste of fishball lol. Disappointment :( #veganisnotscary

One of the popular burgers at veganburg. Love the chilli krab flavour. Not too sure

if it is just me but the krab patty seemed smaller now as compared to the last time I had it which was about half a year ago.


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