The Shakshuka

  • Is The Shakshuka vegan? Yes! The Shakshuka is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

The sauce was very tasty, and I enjoyed the tofu scrabbled egg. One improvement would

wholemeal pita bread. #crfsg

Although I usually tend to go for the junkiest looking food. This was actually incredibly

fulfilling and delicious. Perfect for when you want a homely meal. #jaan

This is a tomato stew with capsicums, onions, kidney beans, and tofu cubes (egg substitute).

It is served with a salad and pita bread. The shakshuka salsa is savory, nicely spiced and flavorful. The pita bread serving is not adequate for the amount of salsa they serve. But it was also good to eat the salsa on its own. #crfsg

Veganized Shakshuka (S$12.90) from Well Dressed Salad Bar 🌱

This dish was deliciously tasty and tangy

- consisting of a tomato stew with beans and chickpeas that were well-cooked with great texture! Pair the stew with the warm pita breads and you have a hearty, wholesome meal that’s sure to satisfy! 😋

Though my only gripe would be that the strong tanginess of the stew had to overpowered the taste of the scrambled tofu, but it was still all-in-all a well-made dish!👍🏼

Comfort food, chickpeas and beans, tomatoes and veggies cooked into a lovely well-spiced and flavoured

stew, topped with tofu and served here with a side of bread and fresh greens. You can choose other sides as you wish.
Well dressed salad bar is a must visit, 100% vegan cafe with a beautiful amazing menu. We need more places like this.

I was craving a healthy, filling, fun meal and I got just that! Well Dressed

has a great menu so it was tough to choose what to order! As someone who can’t resist tofu scramble and tomatoes, the Shakshuka hit the spot. I am gluten-free and I loved that they had an option to get it with rice instead of pita. The meal was just what I needed and I would definitely try more things on the menu!

really liked this 😍💯💯 idt the tofu scramble would be able to pass off

as scrambled eggs bc if u see the texture irl you can tell it's different from eggs and the taste isnt quite the same BUT im more than willing to have these instead of scrambled eggs!!! the tomato stew with chickpeas, kidney beans and other veggies was great too :-) couldnt hv enough of this HAHAH

Skipped the pita for more veggies. Love this place’s scrambled tofu and the really nice

fruity dressings they have. This dish is really heartwarming mixing warm beans and scramble with fresh salad. Great for an early lunch or brunch.

It’s a heart-warming meal to have – simple and delicious! Pairing up a hot plate

of yummy sloppy shakshuka stew; eggy texture tofu and rice. Honestly I just love rice so i love how well this stew paired with rice. 🤤👌

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