Truffle Porcini Funghi Pizza

  • Is Truffle Porcini Funghi Pizza vegan? Yes! Truffle Porcini Funghi Pizza is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

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Most helpful reviews

Day 4 of the #9090challenge

Delicious vegan pizza. This is a must-order for me whenever

I visit smoocht!

Generous amount of truffle, and the texture of the pizza is amazing! The crust is easy to bite through and there’s a whole lot of flavour packed into a bite! This is my go-to order when I’m at Smoocht, along with their sweet potato fries. A must try!


The pizza has porcini and king oysters mushroom that is chopped finely. It is topped

with tomatoes and drizzled with truffle oil and nut cheese. I find the crust a bit too thin that when I hold my pizza, the toppings fall over. Nevertheless, I love the overall flavor. I think it was phenomenal! #crf

the store forgot to process our order made the night before and delivered it late

:( so the pizza was already stale and cold by the time it arrived!! :( very sad, it was a little to salty for my liking too. i bet it would taste a lot better if it was warm when eaten, but unfortunately it wasn’t. The cashew cheese was a little too much for me too, there isn’t much else on the bare pizza. Would recommend their other pizzas instead! Oh and smoocht pizzas have thin crusts in general, just a note!

Love the strong truffle flavour in this!! Went super well with the mushrooms and their

specialty cheese 🧀 sauce. Must try here!

Good taste and smell of truffle. Porcini were a tad too stringy for our liking.

Take note that pizza crust is extremely thin - felt like we were eating chapati. The cashew cheese held it together and was interesting to taste! The quantity of ingredients matched the thinness of the crust tho; any thicker of a crust and it’d be lacking in taste. For $21+, not worth the $. Got this on foodpanda for $13+ after $12 off using ‘NDPFP12’ (min. $20). Yes, you’re welcome :)

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