Kimchi Jjigae (Spicy and Sour Kimchi Stew)

  • Is Kimchi Jjigae (Spicy and Sour Kimchi Stew) vegan? Yes! Kimchi Jjigae (Spicy and Sour Kimchi Stew) is certified vegan by the abillion communityVEGAN

Kimchi, Enoki, Tofu, Seaweed, Sweet potato noodles, Ra

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Most helpful reviews

I’ve never actually enjoyed Kimchi Jjigae until I had this one 😂 The ones I

had in Penang always had clam and that ruined it for me! It’s so meaty too with so much in there! It came with a couple sides but I wasn’t sure if the mashed potatoes were vegan so I didn’t have any 😅 Really rich, not too sour, and just the right balance of salt! Perfect iftar meal for my friend who said he could use the sodium 😂 Vegan #Korean food is where it’s at! 🇰🇷

Very spicy and very tasty. I was longing for kimchi; so I’m happy now. The

purple rice was very welcome. #crfsg

I didn’t eat this tonight but I did about a year ago. got the rice

swapped to noodles instead
One of my faves. Not too spicy and honestly one of the better ones. Everything’s cooked perfectly, serving size is lovely! Just enough for a good meal. If you’re here only once. Get this.
#korean #noodle

Pretty good portion to share for 2 people. Love the radish, kimchiI and glass noodles!

I added extra tofu from my leftovers haha #veganuary

Prefer the budae jigae (with #cheeseplease) because it had maggie meeeee!! This had some slippery

glass noodles that everyone struggled to pick out of the bowl 😂Still nice though and not spicy at all, so anyone with a low spice tolerance can definitely have it.

The soup was sweet & spicy which is pretty unique. Love the purple rice and

the inclusion of two sides :) #korean

A yummy spicy soup, full of veggies, mushrooms, tofu. And a side of rice. The

family loved it. NB single portions were rather large for us, so be sure to bring a container, plus leftover soup tastes better the next day.
Boneless kitchen serves lovely Korean-style dishes. They’re vegetarian and extremely vegan friendly. They specify which dishes have egg or dairy, and which dishes can be made vegan too.

$9.90!! omg the portion was so huge, there were sweet potato noodles inside and it

comes with a bowl of purple rice too!! super filling. the soup was so good, bf really really enjoyed it because it was refreshing because of the tang and sourness and had a really good spicy kick!! a really warm and comforting dish, highly recommend this!! no mock meat in this either unlike the army stew so it was good fresh veggies and tofu:D

Sorry for getting the name of the dish wrong. It’s to be read as kimchi

Jeongol. We had ordered a spicy version of it and it was outstanding. Served with 2 portions of purple rice. This is a good sharing portion for 6 if you order 2 other mains and sides. Again extremely nutritious and colourful. Enjoyed my first experience of a korean steamboat!

Omg, I love this! This amazing spicy and sour soup came steaming with seaweed, silky

tofu, enoki mushrooms, radish, and sweet potato glass noodles. Served with purple rice and a few small side dishes. Perfect on a rainy day. ❤️

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