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  • Fluffy Vaffles with Vegan Ice Cream
  • Fluffy Vaffles with Vegan Ice Cream

Fluffy Vaffles with Vegan Ice Cream

by Well Dressed Salad Bar


4.43 (24)

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12 April 2019
These waffles were so on point!

Hot and freshly made (i hate eating stale waffles!), crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside 😍Would have been good enough just with the maple syrup drizzled over, but I really enjoyed the passionfruit coconut ice cream too! I liked that it wasn't too sour and had the right balance of sweetness and tanginess 💯

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11 April 2019
Another stunner of a dessert dish from the best plant based cafe in SG!

Beautifully tangy ice cream which complements the *very* fluffy waffles. Think it’s safe to say these went down quickly😋

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6 September 2019
Got the Gula Melaka waffles with ice cream cause I was feeling especially indulgent on

that day. Didn’t know the ice cream was going to be peanut butter flavoured otherwise I probably wouldn’t have ordered it. BUT I’m so glad it came because it was absolutely delicious and paired well with the waffles and Gula Melaka.

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11 April 2019
These waffles were everythingggg, so fluffy, still cant believe they’re vegan🤤.

The ice cream was really good too, although I’m not a huge fan of passion fruit but that’s just my personal taste.

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25 April 2019

There were peach bits in the mango coconut ice cream (not for the coconut-faint-hearted).

My favourite part was the waffles. So fluffeh and soft, but crisp to the bite and sweet enough to finish another two more.

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20 April 2019
Do I even need to say anth about these waffles.

They were SO GOOD 😭 please do yourselves a favour and go try them!

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12 April 2019
First time trying vegan waffles and these were so fluffy and yummy.

The ice cream was alright, I am just not into sour ice cream, so I will give the passionfruit ice cream a miss next time. 10/10 for the waffles though!

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22 August 2018
This vegan waffle is so yummy.

I love the texture. Make sure you eat it while it is still hot. #crfsg

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3 February 2019
$7.50! ate this again but this time with chocolate ice cream and a cousin who

hasn’t eaten waffles in 2 years because of his egg allergy:”) he enjoyed a lot and devoured it so fast!!! the waffles were once again amazing, but didn’t have as good a crunch as the previous time I came. chocolate ice cream had a pretty strong coconut flavour, which I didn’t mind because I like coconut but my sister doesn’t...

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31 January 2019
$7.50 for one entire Belgian waffle with ice cream and maple syrup!!

(basically four quarters even though it looks like there’s only two aha) got the peanut cookie dough ice cream AND IT WAS GOOD. waffles were cooked to perfection and honestly couldn’t tell it was vegan:”) texture was just like how I love my waffles - crispy on the outside, thick and fluffy on the inside! maple syrup added a good sweetness:D ice cream was pretty good but my friend didn’t like it as much because she isn’t used to salty-sweet ice cream HAHA but overall pretty good👌

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