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Most helpful reviews

Jaw dropped when I received my plate of chicken rice because it was HUGE.
Presentation was

on point and the flavour was amazing. Chicken was made of tofu skin and extremely flavourful. Rice was fragrant and the soup was rich!
Price: $6.80 (pricy but worth it)

Rice no vegan so didn't order the rice but the soy chicken is fantastic

This is high standard for veg chicken rice, comparable to the ones from “Jian Kang

Vegetarian Food” stall in Bendemeer food market(but they no longer sell it) and the one from the buffet at Lotus restaurant in Quality Hotel(maybe msg alert for this one). The rice itself was very nicely done but is not vegan as I read from the other review. The chilli is interesting too a little lemony without compromising the spice. Also try to have it there for best results. I did a take out and would like to urge everyone to bring your own lunchbox if taking out pls. They are using styrofoam take out boxes I hope that would change

*RICE IS NOT VEGAN* Rice is fantastic and flavourful, very close to chicken rice. The

chicken itself is just normal soy (?) Beancurd slices. Wish I had the chance to try the soup!

bestest chicken rice i've found so far! rice and sauces are on point!

This is a vegetarian shop in amk. If you're craving for local chicken rice, you

can get it here.
Slide to see menu and opening hours :)

4 star because the stall owners attitude not very nice to put it nicely

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