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Most helpful reviews

This is a really thick rich gravy with lots of potato chunks; with some mashed

into the gravy, carrots, tau pok and mock chicken. Tasty but after awhile might get abit jelak’ (Singaporean vernacular referring to feeling ‘sick of eating’) as the noodles soak up the broth.. Priced at just $4.50, it is a great buy!

The serving is generous, you get a very big bowl of noodles and carrot chunks

in thick curry gravy. Tasty!

Delicious curry noodles with mock chicken, delicious and so creamy and tasty

Back at 33 Veg this time for the curry chix noooodle! A smaller meal than

Set A if you’re not feeling up for a big meal, but as satisfying nonetheless with a super thicccc curry gravy, vegan chix, potato and carrot chunks 🥕🥔🍜 Adri loved Set A as well! This is definitely becoming one of my fav stalls in the area! ⭐️⭐️

Super hearty and tasty! The veggies are very soft and everything is so well marinaded

in curry sauce. 🤤

Delicious curry noodles!! Wished it had some vegetable in it thoughhh..

Love curries a lot and this one is in the realm of really really good

💯 Chock full of flavour + right level of spiciness + huge pieces of tau pok + satisfying noodles 🙌

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