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Hey there, gift-givers! It's that time of the year again – when your heart is full but your wallet...not so much. Don't sweat it! We've got you covered with the ultimate vegan gift guide, tailor-made for every personality in your social group. Choosing a gift is never an easy task so there's something here for everyone.

For the Festive Spirit

Festive Photo: A cocktail kit always makes for a classy gift. By Helena Lopes

We all have that one friend who starts playing holiday music in October. Why not gift them a bottle of Suntory’s Roku Gin? So they can start partying all the way to New Year’s Eve. And for stocking stuffers, the Complement essential vegan nutrients and Eden vegan perfumes are perfect – they're small, thoughtful, and hey, they don't take up too much space.

For Mx Beauty Guru

SPF Photo: A fan favourite: Relief Sun Rice + Probiotics (SPF50+ PA++++). By Beauty Of Joseon

The makeup and the face are always on point, even when they're just chilling at home. Amaze them with Tower 28 Beauty Beach Please Luminous Tinted Cheeks And Lips for that sun-kissed glow. Throw in the Beauty of Joseon Relief Sun because, SPF – it’s always on. And get them La Saponaria cleansing mousse to properly wash off the day.

For the Cozy Animal

Ah, the friend who's perpetually in "snuggle mode." Level up their cozy game with a Girlfriend collective classic sweatshirt and Birkenstock Arizona Vegan sandals – Who says you can't be stylish while lounging? Here's another heart-melter: adopt a farm animal in their name, Farm Sanctuary comes to mind or better yet give them the option to choose a sanctuary.

For the Foodist

For the friend who lives to eat and cooks to live. Get their taste buds dancing with a H!P chocolate advent calendar – a little piece of heaven for each day leading up to the holidays. "The Vegan Baker'' by Zacchary Bird is basically the holy book for vegan bakers or you can opt for a Vegancuts Snack Box gift subscription – because snacking is a lifestyle.

For the Sustainable Baddie

Miomojo Photo: The Mimi bag. By Miomojo

The Miomojo Mimi bag is not just a bag; it's a statement. They’ll love it! Go with a GTFO It's Vegan Gift Card for maximum freedom to choose their own sustainable swag. They can also hydrate in style with the Circular&Co. Reusable water bottle – it’ll be their new sustainable bestie.

There you have it! Your guide to gifting for every unique, wonderful, and eco-conscious personality in your life. And hey, let's not forget about the joy of regifting. Think about it: that quirky vase from Aunt Linda or the book you've already read can find new life and love with someone else. The real magic of the holiday season isn't in the frenzy of shopping. It's in those irreplaceable moments spent with family, sharing stories, and laughter, away from the pressure of constantly buying new things. Embracing the art of regifting and focusing on quality time with loved ones can bring a deeper, more meaningful joy to your holiday celebrations.

So remember, the best gift is understanding what makes your friends and family tick.

Happy gifting!

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