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marketplace FAQ

In case you missed it, we have launched Marketplace!

We're working round the clock to roll it out to more members and markets, while refining it even further to make buying and selling an amazing experience.

In the meantime, we hear you've got loads of questions and we've compiled them here. If you've got one not listed below, send us an email at [email protected].

Where do I find Marketplace?
You can find it with all the tabs at the bottom of the screen, next to Create. Do note it’s only available for Singapore-based members of abillion at this stage!

marketplace FAQ

I’m based in Singapore and I’ve updated my app but why don’t I see the Marketplace tab.
We are rolling it out progressively across our member base even in Singapore but you should see it in the coming weeks. Do bear with us!

Who can sell on abillion’s Marketplace?
Everyone based in Singapore for now! Anyone with an item to sell, from pre-loved clothes, artwork and even your own bakes, can now list their items up for sale. Do note all listings have to be vegan. Today, we have members selling sourdough loaves, muffins and even a baby walker. Be sure to check out the official abillion merchandise account!

Is it free?
It's free to list an item and there’s a small fee for sellers if you made the sale. All new and existing members of abillion based in Singapore can start putting their items up for sale or start buying. We thank you for your support!

Why can’t members outside of Singapore use Marketplace?
We’re still in the beta phase and we hope to iron out the issues our members might face before we roll out in more countries.

When will Marketplace be launched in more countries?
We know it’s hotly anticipated but stay tuned for the news!

How does Marketplace tie in with the Impact program?
Here at abillion, we believe profit should come with purpose. Every sale made on Marketplace has an amount set by the seller that will go towards our program.

Does the buyer or seller get to choose which partner they’re donating to?
The seller will empower the buyer with the credits and the buyer can decide which of our partner organizations to channel the credits to.

Can I use the credits earned at Marketplace for abillion equity?
Yes absolutely!

marketplace FAQ

As a seller
Why do I need to use my Singpass? (Singapore members)
We have partnered with Stripe as our payment gateway and it’s one of their requirements to sign up for an account with them. Your information sits with Stripe and it’s safe and secure.
Does abillion take a cut from my sale?
Yes we do – we have staff to pay and lights to keep on after all. Our fees are 10% including Stripe fees. We would like to thank you for your support!

How will I receive my earnings?
You will receive it in the bank account you registered with Stripe within 15 working days.

Can I display my stock level?
Not yet. We’re at the beta stage of our Marketplace feature and we hope to continue growing and cater to all levels of sellers.

Can I sell secondhand items?
Yes absolutely. That would help to contribute to a circular economy but please limit it to vegan and cruelty-free items. That means no leather shoes or wool sweaters please!

What if it’s a service or experience, like a vegan cooking workshop or demo?
Yes of course! We love that our community is gathering in the real world!

Can I upload videos to showcase the product?
Not yet but we’re working on it!

Can I transact with buyers outside Singapore?
Not at this point. We’re still in the beta phase and Marketplace is only available to Singapore-based abillion members.

Can I set up a “store” to display all my items?
Not yet, but we’re working towards introducing more features in the time to come.

I made a sale in SGD, will the buyer get Impact credits as SGD or USD?
The buyer will receive Impact credits in SGD which we will then convert to USD based on the current exchange rate.

I made a sale, what happens next?
Congrats! You will receive an email confirming that the sale is successful along with the buyer's abillion account name and email address. You can proceed to message the buyer if the person hasn’t messaged you yet.

marketplace FAQ

As a buyer

I just bought an item and paid for it. What now? Will it be delivered?
Super! Go ahead and chat with the seller for delivery or pickup options.

The seller disappeared on me. Can I get my money back?
We’re sorry to hear that. Do contact us at [email protected] and we will investigate to help resolve the issue.

Do you have any protection for buyers in case the item I purchased is not accurate as described?
We’re sorry that you’re not having a good experience. We’d advise you to reach out to the seller first to resolve the dispute, failing which, do send an email to [email protected]

What are the payment modes?
Our payments are done with a credit card via our payment partners, Stripe. We also accept Apple Pay and we’re working round the clock to enable Google Pay. Stay tuned!

Can I transact on my desktop/laptop instead of my phone?
Not yet but it’s on our to-do list for sure.

I made a purchase, what happens next?
Do contact the seller via private message to arrange for delivery.

I don’t want to pay for delivery, can I pick it up?
If your seller is open to it, why not? We'd suggest discussing directly with the seller.

When will I receive my Impact credits?
You will receive it as soon as the transaction is successful. You can pull down your profile or Impact page to refresh your total Impact amount.

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