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Why do all vegan influencers need to be Yogis or Fitness Freaks? Vegan Tech Head here, abillionveg is my food and clothes reviews. I also write about green tech on my blog

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photo of Rudy’s Vegan Butcher Rack Of Jack shared by @jamesallnutt on  02 Nov 2020 - reviewphoto of Rudy’s Vegan Butcher Rack Of Jack shared by @jamesallnutt on  02 Nov 2020 - reviewphoto of Rudy’s Vegan Butcher Rack Of Jack shared by @jamesallnutt on  02 Nov 2020 - review

Rudy’s Vegan Butcher

For #worldveganday I had the privilege of attending the opening of London’s Vegan Butcher - Rudy’s.

It was 100% worth it and expect to see more food from them over the coming reviews.

This one was their rack of jack more

chloetonihayward I ordered online and am patiently waiting for mine to arrive. This has made me v excited 🙌🙌1 likeReply
isabellesam1 Just had this for dinner and it was excellent! My Dad, who was a butcher for 40+ years and still very occasionally eats meats said that if he closed his eyes he d think it was meat! Will definitely be buying again2 likesReply
veganonthemove Don't suppose you could share how you cooked it?1 likeReply
jamesallnutt I oven cooked mine at 200 for about 40 minutes2 likesReply
photo of Glass Coffee Oat Mylk Latte shared by @jamesallnutt on  19 Oct 2020 - review

I don’t normally review coffee - I feel it’s a bit of a cop out for a good review! However I had to do one for this chain.

Glass Coffee goes above and beyond with their efforts for sustainability and accountability. They more

photo of The Fields Beneath Autumn Ginger Cookie shared by @jamesallnutt on  18 Oct 2020 - review

This cafe is a must visit for London based and travelling vegans! Their food to die for, including this awesome Ginger Autumn Cookie (there’s also a cheeky peanut butter chocolate one in this picture too!).

Great place, more

photo of Blue Brew Lotus Biscoff Sponge Cake shared by @jamesallnutt on  08 Oct 2020 - reviewphoto of Blue Brew Lotus Biscoff Sponge Cake shared by @jamesallnutt on  08 Oct 2020 - review

Blue Brew

Blue Brew is my favourite coffee stop across all of the south coast - they adapted to the lockdown and moved from train station to the Pink Pub in Bognor Regis.

They’ve got so many vegan options, it’s amazing.

This Cake more

photo of V.Gan V.Gan Vegan Nut Trainers shared by @jamesallnutt on  05 Oct 2020 - review


V.Gan is a vegan friendly brand from Sole and Soletrader. They’re PETA approved and made in Europe.

These are their take on the typical #converse and part of my daily #wardrobe - nothing shouts vegan like having VGAN across more

photo of Tesco Tesco Jackfruit in water shared by @jamesallnutt on  04 Oct 2020 - reviewphoto of Tesco Tesco Jackfruit in water shared by @jamesallnutt on  04 Oct 2020 - reviewphoto of Tesco Tesco Jackfruit in water shared by @jamesallnutt on  04 Oct 2020 - reviewphoto of Tesco Tesco Jackfruit in water shared by @jamesallnutt on  04 Oct 2020 - review


Here’s my attempt at a Sunday #veganroast using #Bosh as my inspiration.

Started off with #Jackfruit in water - to a turkey 🦃 style substitute at the end.

Pics show before during and after baking + recipe is here; https://www.bosh.tv/recipes/one-tray-christmas-dinner

Was more

tamiapple Looks fantastic! 1 likeReply
jamesallnutt @tamiapple thanks!Reply
photo of Plant Based Artisan Orange Blossom Vegan “Honey” Honea shared by @jamesallnutt on  03 Oct 2020 - review

Plant Based Artisan

It’s been a while since my last review - I’ve moved! And now with it, I’ve got so many more vegan places and grocers at my disposal that I can’t wait to get posting again!

The first one here is this vegan #honey - wow. more

photo of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee Oat Flat White shared by @jamesallnutt on  04 Jul 2020 - review

Jimmy’s Iced Coffee

Overall this wasn’t bad but I probably wouldn’t get it again. It tasted very .. thin? I guess I was expecting more from an Oat Flat White!

photo of Plant Pioneers Meat free chicken style pieces shared by @jamesallnutt on  30 Jun 2020 - review

Plant Pioneers

These have become a standard necessity in our household. Sometimes #Tofu just isn’t for me - and having a 🐓 alternative to put into my #NasiGoreng is great!

These cook easily, (in the oven), taste great, and are cheap more

herbimetal So cool you have nasi goreng too? Is your girlfriend vegan as well?Reply
jamesallnutt Yeah she is! And we made this from scratch using a recipe from the Avant Garde Vegan. We miss food from Singapore so much, so had to give this a try, and loved the recipe.Reply
herbimetal @jamesallnutt that's so cool did you convert her? You came to Singapore last time? Reply
jamesallnutt Nah we did it together, she already didn't eat dairy, so we just took the next steps as a team! And we lived in Singapore for 2 years, so became quite familiar with the hawker centres hahaReply
herbimetal @jamesallnutt that's so nice it makes it so much easier and fun when you're doing it with someone. You lived in singapore for study or work? You're born in 94 right? I'm 95Reply
jamesallnutt Definitely, we went to Vegan Campout 2019 in the UK, and it's so fun to have someone you love with you all the time through vegan journey. And yeah 94, - I was in Singapore in for Work, back in the UK now!Reply
herbimetal @jamesallnutt that's so nice. I feel like a little child compared to people from other countries cos most of us live with our parents here.Reply
herbimetal @jamesallnutt btw I did a semester exchange in UK it was so awesome I wish I could've been there longer Reply
jamesallnutt There's nothing wrong with that, much better to save money that way compared to spending it all on rent! Where did you go in the UK for your exchange?Reply
herbimetal @jamesallnutt yeah I'm really glad I don't have to pay bills. I was in Hertfordshire and went to London often.Reply
jamesallnutt @herbimetal do you have twitter? Be easier to message on there haReply
herbimetal @jamesallnutt no twitter, Instagram @herbimetal would love to chat w u moreReply
photo of Kettle Vegan Sheese & Red Onion shared by @jamesallnutt on  29 Jun 2020 - review


These are da bomb 💣. I’ve wanted to find the perfect cheese and onion crisps since going vegan and haven’t been able to - but now thanks to the guys at #Bosh #sheese and #Kettle I have finally found them.

I really hope more

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