Review of Better than Biscoff Waffle at ditto by catherinews

photo of ditto Better than Biscoff Waffle shared by @catherinews on  19 Aug 2023 - review

An exceptionally good waffle! 🧇 I am super impressed by how well balanced this dish is. With Biscoff ice cream, sauce and cookie pieces it could be a bit monotonous but not at all - each elements brings out a different texture and the Biscoff is nicely balanced with the delicious brûléed banana. The waffle is soft and decadent, the ice cream smooth and sweet and overall this is just a beautiful symphony of vegan goodness 🌱

I love taking non-vegans to Ditto so they can experience how delicious vegan desserts can be.

Friendly service at Ditto as always 🌼

miriam27 Looks incredible! 2 likesReply

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