Review of Sour Patch Kids - Extreme - Sour Patch Kids by veganmika

photo of Sour Patch Kids Sour Patch Kids - Extreme shared by @veganmika on  03 Aug 2023 - review

Sour Patch Kids

We got these #accidentallyvegan #candies at the movie theatre today. I wish that all candy was made using #nogelatine like these. Not sure what the extreme is all about. It did taste different than the regular ones, but I wouldn’t necessarily say that they’re more #sour.

svraphael88 Which movie did u see? :)Reply
veganmika Barbie- of course 😉 😊 1 likeReply
svraphael88 Ahah I saw it too! It was fun. I loved the design of the Barbie dream houses at the beginning. Cute movie, eh? :)1 likeReply
veganmika Yeah, it was fun 🤩 1 likeReply

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