Review of Vegan Cheesy Rice (Aged Cheddar Flavor) - Annie’s by myblissfuljourney

photo of Annie’s Vegan Cheesy Rice (Aged Cheddar Flavor) shared by @myblissfuljourney on  20 Jul 2023 - review


I don’t mind this product when I’m able to find it on sale like i did here!

It is fairly cheesy tasting. The trick is to add some vegan margarine. It makes it even better.

Sometimes I like to add veggies to kick this up a notch.

I also have tried some hot sauce on it. Not too shabby.

ameriamber .59 for a box?! That’s a deal!2 likesReply
ameriamber Also, I looked absolutely everywhere for this while I was in Florida and couldn’t find it anywhere. I want to try it so badly. 2 likesReply

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