Review of Pad Thai at Appethaizing Thai Food Puyallup by ploopy

photo of Appethaizing Thai Food Puyallup Pad Thai shared by @ploopy on  29 Jun 2023 - review

okay, i added lots of veg and said no egg + tofu as protein…two star spice but dear lord it was so spicy, but not in a good way…it was just extremely overwhelming to me and although all the textures were right, the flavor was just overly sour + spicy which just isn’t my thing
my mom had my leftovers and said the same thing
overall, i unfortunately don’t think i’ll be buying this again

berryveganplanet This is so my kind of dish!!! 😋😋😋 too bad it wasn’t all that!2 likesReply
ploopy yes!!! 1 likeReply
beckyyy 😩 sorry they made it so spicy! It looks so good 1 likeReply
ploopy IKR IT LOOKS REALLY GOOD- i swear i am usually able to handle spice 😞😞2 likesReply

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