Review of Fried Banana Rolls wth Chocolate Sauce at Green Lotus Vegan by ploopy

photo of Green Lotus Vegan Fried Banana Rolls wth Chocolate Sauce shared by @ploopy on  21 Jun 2023 - review

surprisingly, this was my first time trying this dessert before, and it was really good!
the fried banana rolls tasted more savory than i expected on their own, but pairing them with the chocolate sauce was just delightful
of course the banana rolls were rather oily, but i don’t mind
i was planning on saving half of them for a snack later on, but i just couldn’t resist and ended up eating them all in one sitting lolol! they’re just too good
hope to have this combo again at home :D

ameriamber Those look so crispy and delicious 🤤 1 likeReply
ploopy yes!!! :DD1 likeReply

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