Review of Chestnut Latte (Soy Milk) at Walking On Sunshine at Orchard Central by consciouscookieee

photo of Walking On Sunshine at Orchard Central Chestnut Latte (Soy Milk) shared by @consciouscookieee on  16 Jan 2023 - review

Asked for soy milk and it seems that they use Nutrisoy, so the soy taste is pretty strong. Will ask if they have oat milk next time for a more neutral flavour. Chestnut flavour tastes like it’s from powder; mixes well into the mylk with no gritty bits & pretty tasty.

Wish there was a stronger chestnut flavour & mb oolong tea in the latte as well to balance out the sugar level.

$8.50+ I think which is pretty ex for this whoops (used a voucher tho!) Also pls don’t be like me & BYO if you can :X

#sgdrinks #chestnut


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