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When we first went vegan we, of course made sure to take our B12. Maybe even vitamin D, but we didn't know about iodine.
Iodine is responsible for regulating the thyroid, which effects metabolism, bone and brain health. Deficiencies can lead to issues like goiders (swollen thyroid glands) and hypothyroidism (under active thyroid). Some symptoms are muscle weakness and lethargy, thinning hair, dry skin, weight gain, memory problems, depression and more.
Animal products contain iodine simply because it's a supplement in their feed, just like B12 is. But iodine is also used as a disinfectant when cows' udders get infected, (which happens a lot) and it ends up in the dairy products people eat and drink!🤢 It blows my mind that anyone would think this is an acceptable way to get a supplement.
As vegans we can get iodine by eating seaweed or iodized table salt, in moderation.
Sea salts do not contain iodine, but that's all that many people use, either because they prefer the taste, or because they believe it's healthier.
I used to use just Kosher salt in cooking, but now I make sure to add some iodized salt to our food too. The recommended amount for adults is only about half a teaspoon a day.
For anyone avoiding salt, seaweed is another fantastic, natural source of iodine.

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