Review of Vegan gummies - Bear and friends by fulfilling

photo of Bear and friends Vegan gummies shared by @fulfilling on  15 Dec 2022 - reviewphoto of Bear and friends Vegan gummies shared by @fulfilling on  15 Dec 2022 - review

Bear and friends

This shop mostly sells non-vegan candies & gummies. But it has few vegan selection all the way to the back.

The staff is very knowledgeable & friendly to show you the way to the back & point the vegan ones to you.

There are economical packs which is definitely cheaper by weight but the absolute price tag is a little too much for me to pay…just for gummy.

There are smaller packs to make it more affordable at $3.50, like the one in the photo. It is cheaper when you buy 3 small packs at $10.

We don’t know which type of gummy to buy. The staff is kind to give us packed samples. After sampling the sour gummy, I definitely won’t want to buy them! They are super super sour! Thanks for the sample, my daughters knew right away which gummy they were buying!

This small shop that sells lots of candies & gummies is located at Haji Lane. You can spot it by its big red bear statue outside its entrance. It shares the same street as Everyday Vegan Grocer.

#veganisnotscary you have choices!

P/S: there were more gummy in the pack, I took the photo after much have been eaten up 😁


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