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Review of The Classic at Seitan's Realm by lizmaselli

photo of Seitan's Realm The Classic shared by @lizmaselli on  14 Dec 2022 - reviewphoto of Seitan's Realm The Classic shared by @lizmaselli on  14 Dec 2022 - review


The Classic is one of Seitan's Realms' original #delicious sandwiches that gained popularity on their food truck from the early days. It's simple, yet so tasty! It's truly a #classic

Inspired by the Arby's sandwich, this version is #crueltyfree and way healthier, better for the environment and your soul🐮❤️. If you don't live in the U.S. Arby's is a pretty awful fast food chain that's extremely heavy on animal abuse and even capitalizes off of it. They use it in advertising and even had ads making fun of vegans. I think in one they called what we eat, "rabbit food. " *eye roll*

Well, this sandwich proves all that wrong!

The Classic is stacked with thinly sliced seitan roast beeef, house-made horsey sauce, and topped with a fresh, fluffy sesame seed bun.

This sandwich is $8 and is smaller than others on the menu, but it's still very filling and has a lot of protein. It's a great value. I like that their faux meats have a lot of flavor without being overally salty, which I find at a lot of restaurants. I also don't like horseradish normally, but this sauce is great, not too spicy, and it's also great as a dipping sauce for other appetizers. ( hint hint, this sandwich pairs great with their #homemade onion rings or popperz). I highly recommend trying this!

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berryveganplanet Yum! #seitanlover!! Yum 😋! Looks amazing 🤩! 1 likeReply
lizmaselli Seitan truly has improved so much over the years. The recipes now taste so totally different than what we would create years ago. It's scary how real many of their seitan meats look!2 likesReply
crandazzo Seitan is lifeeee !! I love it with spinach and rice !! 2 likesReply
lizmaselli That sounds so good! It's a such a good protein source as well!1 likeReply
veganonthesavannah Wow this looks insane!2 likesReply
lizmaselli They truly are masters of seitan!1 likeReply
cico777 Look so yummy 🤤 2 likesReply
lizmaselli Delicious! They make the beat sauces, too!1 likeReply
agreene428 w😍w!! I need that sandwich in my life right now! Looks delish!Reply