Review of Flamingo Sour at Electric Diner by svraphael88

photo of Electric Diner Flamingo Sour shared by @svraphael88 on  16 Oct 2022 - review

We went back to do some more trivia at Electric Diner and I got this drink. It's sad that only 2 of their cocktails are vegan, crazy right? It was $13. It was okay. It had rum, watermelon and lime.

sueprozak Wow that’s disappointing ☹️ How’s their food menu? 1 likeReply
svraphael88 I had their one chickpea sandwich and it was one of the best things I've ever had at a restaurant. The side of fries were unreal too. But that is all they had, except for a salad and a tomato soup, so not much. 1 likeReply

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