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Review of lime shortbread at Kelly's Bake Shoppe by mrsbubsmith

photo of Kelly's Bake Shoppe lime shortbread shared by @mrsbubsmith on  30 Aug 2022 - review


Kelly’s has released a limited edition summer flavour - the lime shortbread!
The actual cookie itself (half pictured here) was incredibly soft and “buttery”, the icing was slightly tart and sweet. About the size of my hand. Their IG account says it has fresh lime juice & zest.
What I would really love is if they listed their ingredients anywhere!!

At least They do promote being gluten free, dairy free, egg free and peanut free, but in my opinion there’s no excuse to not list your ingredients. Lots of other bakeries do it … and when you’re charging me so much for each item, I’d like to know what I’m eating 🤷🏻‍♀️

(For all my Kelly’s reviews: I have to rate the nutrition as a 1 ⭐️ because I assume they don’t share their ingredients for a reason as they’re unhealthy. If you look at the recipes one of the owners has posted on her website they’re full of not so great stuff.)

whatacuriousnotion Kelly's is pretty problematic overall, so I'm not surprised they don't share their ingredient lists either 😒1 likeReply
mrsbubsmith Yeah. It’s always absolutely packed in there with customers. Their items are good, but SO expensive… but I do understand the draw for people with allergies.Reply
whatacuriousnotion Dolled Up Desserts in Hamilton is pretty allergy friendly and not as problematic as far as I've seen, so there's at least one alternative 😊2 likesReply
mrsbubsmith Oh I’ve never heard of it, thanks I’ll have a look!1 likeReply