Review of Rice vermicelli - Tai Sun by fulfilling

photo of Tai Sun Rice vermicelli shared by @fulfilling on  24 Jul 2022 - review

Tai Sun

Mee fen is always one of my favourite! It is very quick to prepare and much faster than rice.

I like to cook white mee fen than dark sauce mee fen because many dark sauce has ingredients that I like to say “skip!”

It also makes my job easier and I don’t have to stir in the dark soya sauce and constantly making sure that every strand of mee fen is evenly coated. It can be so tiring on my arms when I am cooking a whole pack.

I cook mee fen in the same style as I cook my pasta. Boil a pot of water. Then add sea salt to boiling water. Then add the dried mee fen. They would turn out very evenly salted. 👍🏻

I will also scoop the mee fen out slightly earlier, because it will continue to cook in its own heat by the time I scoop everything out from the pot.

Scooping the mee fen out early helps to prevent them from breaking up easily too. By the time I plate it, the mee fen will be perfectly cooked at the perfect texture. 😋

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