Review of peach vodka & soda - High Noon by heartartichokehearts

photo of High Noon peach vodka & soda shared by @heartartichokehearts on  24 Jul 2022 - review

High Noon

The sample of this carbonated drink was sweet and light. The peach is an ideal summer flavor to have by the pool. #ditchdairydrinkbooze

alyssaa Ugh I've been wanting to try these damn high noons ever since they came out lol 1 likeReply
heartartichokehearts I stumbled upon a shot glass tasting for the company's line at Wobapalooza (World of beer festival). It was a good opportunity for a taste without a large investment. 2 likesReply
alyssaa Ugh I've always wanted to go there too!! That's in Tampa right?1 likeReply
heartartichokehearts I only know of the one in Jacksonville FL and and in Boca Raton FL on the Eastside. Oh MAN I hope you get a chance to go. 2 likesReply
alyssaa Stop I've wanted to go to Boca since forever lol there & the keys!! But I'm like 99.9% sure there's one in Tampa like Hillsborough area, but wherever it's at I'm definitely going to go... Also Octoberfest I've been wanting to go to as well 1 likeReply
heartartichokehearts Boca is where I am now. It is getting hard to imagine living anywhere else but Florida with all these vegan options and farmers markets. I am feeling spoiled AF.1 likeReply
heartartichokehearts There is an Oktoberfest in Lakeworth (pretty close to Boca) and in Miami, but the one in Sarasota is probably a lot closer to you
Which by the way I have been YEARNING to visit. I hear Sarasota is just beautiful.Reply
alyssaa Ugh omg literally where I live there's literally like what 2 vegan spots & it's sucks lol but I do have a favorite which is absolutely amazing so if you're ever in palm harbor you must go to the green table it's the best!! There's also a Dunedin vegan deli that all the vegans around here eat at but I have yet to go there soon though!! But it really bothers me though because where I live there really isn't many 100% vegan places which kills me because it's like duh we live in Florida which is one of the most popular states why wouldn't there be more vegan restaurants? I don't know but one days I'd love to have my own 🤣Reply
heartartichokehearts This is true. There seriously need to be more. Out of the 9 states I have lived in so far though, Florida takes the cake on vegan places from Treasure Coast down to Miami. 2 likesReply
heartartichokehearts I feel like between the two of us and the cool festivals on both sides, we could have a real future in vegan Florida roadtrip foodie tours. #signmeupReply
alyssaa Okay so that makes me feel better lol, I just remembered I can't even believe it but there is a vegan Italian restaurant in Tampa which oh my god I am dying to go to... There's also a vegan cafe in oldsmar Florida which I've been wanting to go to as well I've seen pictures of the food they serve there & omg it looks SO good especially the desserts1 likeReply
heartartichokehearts Holy cow.. and theres a Cuban place with tons of vegan options I really have been wanting to try in Orlando. I think that's kinda the midway point. I will have to look up where Oldsmar is located.1 likeReply
alyssaa I've seen Orlando has a lot of vegan places, & oldsmar is in Pinellas county it's near Tampa 1 likeReply
heartartichokehearts I'm totally reading our messages later so I can look some places up.1 likeReply
heartartichokehearts Man I gotta go to bed. DM me anytime! Gnight1 likeReply
alyssaa Goodnight & you as well!! 💕💕Reply

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