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Review of Raw beetroot cake at Genius Central Singapore by greenp

photo of Genius Central Singapore Raw beetroot cake shared by @greenp on  28 Jun 2022 - review

Yummy, wholesome, original and hearty.
How is it it took me six months in Singapore to try this wonderful raw beetroot cake from Genius Central??

I guess this type of cake isn’t for everyone. But it is definitely one for me 😋 It is both earthy and sweet, with a strong coconut taste, a subtle beetroot one, and a genuily comforting chocolate thick yet creamy layer!

As for the texture, the basis is quite crunchy and has plenty of fruits and nuts pieces, which pairs soooo well with the top layer’s smoothness! Really I was stunned by this texture combo each time I took a bite!

The serving is just the right side. The cake itself is filling yet I found it surprisingly not too heavy.

I can only advise the beetroot, coconut and cocoa lovers to give this out of the beaten path cake a try!! 🥥🍰

Worth the $8++