Review of Make your own salad at Cedele Bakery Cafe - Novena Square by herbimetal

photo of Cedele Bakery Cafe - Novena Square Make your own salad shared by @herbimetal on  22 Apr 2022 - review

Omg!!! This kind of big salads 🥗 are soooo hearty and satisfying and feel #cookedwithlove 🥰 I feel so nourished eating them! Was worried about which things are vegan but I guess it's fairly straightforward. For bases I mixed quinoa and lentils with baby spinach (+50 cents cos yum!), falafel 🧆 for protein, toppings of mushrooms, broccoli, edamame and kelp, and tahini dressing. Total was $11 which was super worth it imo. Such a big serving, very very delicious. Falafel 🧆 pieces were so big and hearty. The kelp made the salad 🥗 deliciously flavourful. Tahini couldn't be tasted that much but it's very natural and healthy and everything went awesome together. All in all a superb meal packed with nutrients, protein and deliciousness! 🥗 Added on soup for $3.50 more.


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