Review of Le Coeur Fleuri - Nurishh by lucyak

photo of Nurishh Le Coeur Fleuri shared by @lucyak on  10 Apr 2022 - review


I like the look of this, but the taste is horrible, soapy and musty like an old dishcloth! A pity because it looks nice, the texture is good (creamy, some of the cashew ones are a bit grainy), it melts well and it was quite a reasonable price in Leclerc.

I cut off all the rind (croûte) and cut it into small pieces and mixed it with lots of other things with pasta and that just about made it edible, but still that nasty taste underneath. I might still try their other cheeses, since maybe it was trying to make it taste like Camembert that was the problem, but I certainly won't buy it again.


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