Review of Boondi - Bikano by dansvatek

photo of Bikano Boondi shared by @dansvatek on  09 Apr 2022 - review


Mmm… crunchy droplets. Basically these are oily, tiny blobs of fried chickpea batter. Little to no nutritional value, but I was hungry and found them to be quite addictive. Would I buy again? No. Did I eat them all in 5 minutes? *blushing* well they were right in front of me! After I… bought them. I couldn’t resist the promise of crunchy droplets.

My abnormal rating system: I’m repurposing the “presentation” category to judge a product’s eco-friendliness.
*1 star: non-recyclable/ non-compostable packaging
**2 stars : recyclable (but not made of recycled materials)
***3 stars: recyclable and made of recycled materials
****4 stars: compostable
*****5 stars: compostable and made of recycled materials or no packaging (i.e. bulk store)


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