Review of Oat M*lk - okja by ullu

photo of okja Oat M*lk shared by @ullu on  09 Mar 2022 - review


I wish I could say that I like this, I really do, but I just don't. My parents got a whole lot of this for me and I have been drinking it in my coffee for a few months now. But for some reason, every single carton from the batch had a sour taste at the back of my tongue (and none of them seemed off). I have seen many other reviews which were overwhelmingly positive so I thought it might have been a batch issue. However, I tried one of the cartons from a new batch, and while it was nowhere near as bad, the sour taste was still ever so slightly there. However it is possible that I just became hypersensitive to the taste. Also I like the Buttanut oat milk so its definitely not a case of me not liking oat milk in general. All in all, I think I will be put off from this milk for a while. I might try it again some time in the future though. I also don't mean for this review to put off anyone else. I think anyone who wants to try this milk should definitely try this milk, because I think my experience might be quite rare and most people love it.


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