Review of The Back Scrubber - Tooletries by veganmika

photo of Tooletries The Back Scrubber shared by @veganmika on  06 Mar 2022 - review


I got this back scrubber as a gift but absolutely love it. The silicone is soft and creates a nice foam with the soap. Best of all, I think it’s much more sustainable than going through countless loofas. 

svraphael88 What does your cast say???1 likeReply
veganmika 😂 my step children wrote “I don’t murder animals” 🤷🏻‍♂️ and “yasss vegan queeeennn”. 😂 1 likeReply
svraphael88 Ahaah incredible!!!! 💚💜1 likeReply
veganmika I’ve since been in for an exam and they gave me a fresh cast. I went with green, being that it’s March. 😏🍀 Reply

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