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photo of Magnum Magnum Vegan Almond shared by @m1tch9i on  14 Feb 2022 - reviewphoto of Magnum Magnum Vegan Almond shared by @m1tch9i on  14 Feb 2022 - review


I’ll be honest. I never saw the hype with Magnum. Omnivore or vegan regardless… I can appreciate that there are people who genuinely love the chocolate they use and what not. But it does sometimes feel like just a branding conspiracy 🧐🤨

So I’ll start by saying that I am still SUPER grateful that Magnum did the vegans out there a favour and produced this exceptional #dairyalternative ice-cream. The presence of the nuts was truly the saviour 🤩 It must be said that you could easily miss the fact that this does not contain dairy 🐮 Tragically though… Part of what helps make it indistinguishable from milk is the overwhelming sweetness 🍬 So unless you’re a true sweet tooth, this frozen treat may not be the one for you… #noregretstho

It all comes down to this… (drumroll please) RM 24 is a pretty hefty penny for only 3 pieces per box. At 8 bucks a pop, I’d say it may only truly be worthwhile to a seasoned sweet tooth and/or Magnum mega fan #chocolatelovers

This one’s for all you #chocoholics 🍫🍫

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