Review of Hericium Popshroom at Pinxin Vegan Cuisine by stevenneoh

photo of Pinxin Vegan Cuisine Hericium Popshroom shared by @stevenneoh on  20 Jan 2022 - review

Fantastic presentation, #hericiummushroom bits just the right size for a #sharing plate, my thanks to @dafnelately for the initiative 😉 My only complaint would be that the texture was a little tough on the inside, otherwise this would be yet another outstanding offering by Pinxin, who alone are reason enough to come visit #penang ☺️

dafnelately This paired with the curry I just had at Membawang Corner for lunch would be heavenly 💖1 likeReply
stevenneoh Lol I masak mee buat plating pun ada bawang corner1 likeReply
dafnelately biasalah pendatang x paham erti membawang 🥱 #MahathirWasRight 1 likeReply

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