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Review of Veggie Bowl at AH LOCK & CO. by lowxizhi

photo of AH LOCK & CO. Veggie Bowl shared by @lowxizhi on  06 Jan 2022 - review

This was yummy!!! :) The staff was very knowledgeable about what's vegan, and told me they could replace the coleslaw and potato salad (which had mayo) with more veggies.

The green bowl was filled with the familiar Hakka veggies that i love: mani cai, long beans, tofu. The crispy deep/air-fried broccoli pieces and chewy short-grain rice were a surprisingly delicious touch!

Initially I thought that that price ($7.80) was a bit steep for just veggies and rice. But I change my mind! This is such a beautiful and creative twist on the traditional Hakka rice, spinning together familiar and comforting flavours with new ones. The flavours of this dish came together very well, and I didn't feel like I was short-changed without the coleslaw and potatoes at all (haha).

I loved it!!! ☺️

P.S. Their Min Jiang Kueh isn't vegan because it contains custard powder. Gotta poke them to make it vegan! 😉