Review of Chedda’ Cheeze - Pow! Puffs by thealexrae

photo of Pow! Puffs Chedda’ Cheeze shared by @thealexrae on  23 Nov 2021 - review

Pow! Puffs

Not the best vegan cheezy out there but I ate the whole bag anyway lol so in that way it was nice and I don’t *not* recommend them 🧀 but keep in mind they are not great but strangely addictive. They have a sharp taste and a dusty ol cheeto texture. I think they’re also relatively healthy (no dairy, soy, nuts, gluten, corn) made with pea protein and such. So again in that way they’re cool but also.. not… great… 5 STARS ⭐️ lol jk #veganisnotscary #9090challenge 48

xdarrenx glad they’re gone 1 likeReply
thealexrae 🥲 me too 🧐 I thinkReply

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