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Review of Paneer (Tofu) Makhani - Ashoka by goodvibesonly

photo of Ashoka Paneer (Tofu) Makhani shared by @goodvibesonly on  09 Sep 2021 - review

Paneer (Tofu) Makhani



This surprised me in a good way.

Firstly it was nice to see brands adapting. Almost all their products now have vegan versions of ready to eat meals.

Secondly I had very low hope of this tasting nice as my experience in the past has never been good. But this was actually pretty nice. Only complaint is that this was a bit salty.

veganspicegal What do you think of gooddot? Reply
goodvibesonly I have not tried that yet. Where can you find it? Reply
veganspicegal Selling on nourish.sg I think Reply

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