Review of Vegan Tacos - Grilled Cactus at Al Vegano - Bay Ridge by aqualing

photo of Al Vegano - Bay Ridge Vegan Tacos - Grilled Cactus shared by @aqualing on  07 Jul 2021 - reviewphoto of Al Vegano - Bay Ridge Vegan Tacos - Grilled Cactus shared by @aqualing on  07 Jul 2021 - review

I hardly order online but was too exhausted yesterday🥱 And it’s nice to discover new places with delivery apps.
This is an all vegan Mexican place. A bit far from where I live but the delivery was fast 🚴 (thanks @abillion10 for adding the place so quickly🙏🏼)
The selection was good. You get to pick b/w flour and GF corn tortilla, a variety of fillings, sauces, toppings and add-ons.
I had grilled #cactus🌵, VG chipotle and guac🥑 (later realized the pico 🍅 in the photo was for the nachos, will review separately).
The #tacos came in the larger size🌮 So 2 of those were def comparable to the usual smaller 3. They’re juicy and tender, seasoned just right😋. Although the chipotle sauce could use a bit more heat🌶
The packaging was the only downside (also the main reason that I rarely order online😕). It came in the usual round black container with lid in #6 plastic, i.e. unrecyclable♻️❌
The good news is, it looks like there are 6 locations (only 1 in Brooklyn though). I I def want to try some other tacos of theirs, hopefully in person next time✌🏼

#mexicanfood #supportlocal

gwenda 😦 grilled cactus... 🌵 sounds great 😋 ! I've never tried it yet... 🙁3 likesReply
aqualing 🤞🏼hopefully some day soon! 2 likesReply
gwenda Yes, hopefully..., I'm very curious how it could taste ☺🌵2 likesReply

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