Review of Sambal Asli - ABC by dafnelately

photo of ABC Sambal Asli shared by @dafnelately on  06 Jul 2021 - review


So this was an #accidentallyvegan surprise 😅 I checked out the E-numbers and it turns out they’re all vegan. I somehow always had the strange perception that this contained chicken stock or something. The bottles do seem to vary though depending on where you source them from so do check the ingredients of yours closely 🧐 This is one of the few chilli sauces that actually has some heat to it unlike the garbage that is Maggi chilli sauce. You could condiment vanilla ice cream with it and honestly you’d be none the wiser. This one is also a bit garlicky, which is nice & has just the right amount of salty umami. #chillisauce


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