Review of Dark Chocolate Sorbet at Scoop of Joy by yeeperjeepers

photo of Scoop of Joy Dark Chocolate Sorbet shared by @yeeperjeepers on  05 Jul 2021 - review

Reminded me a lot of Ben and Jerry’s chocolate fudge brownie (personal fav 😌) but without the fudge. Was a bit less creamy, but understandable as it’s a sorbet. Definitely worth the $4.90 since it was chock full of dark chocolate pieces! Also it didn’t seem to melt as quickly as other ice creams, which is good for slow eaters like me lol. This was their only vegan option but would eat again if I’m in the area and craving something rich 🤟🏻 #abillionxkinder

mariaubergine Damnnnn looks good1 likeReply

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