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Review of Oatgurt Blueberry - Oatly by primate

photo of Oatly Oatgurt Blueberry shared by @primate on  10 Jun 2021 - reviewphoto of Oatly Oatgurt Blueberry shared by @primate on  10 Jun 2021 - review

Oatgurt Blueberry



OATLY!! you did it again! You made a great product out of a cheap cereal and slabed a huge price on it, that's how we like to see it. Okay, so as a dutchy, I'm waiting for a discount like a vulture waits for a healthy goat to drop of a cliff ( doesn't happen often, goats are great a cliff hopping), so yeah........i bought this once but of course as an honourable dutchie I bought 6 at once for cheap, that's how I like it, and that's the only way Oatly is gonna get mah dough, you hear? Good! Now, the flavour was kinda dull and watery at first, the texture was good, so initially I wasn't impressed but the more I ate it, the more i started to get addicted to it. Conclusion they tried to trick me and make me wanna buy it full price. Well, Oatly, this stuff is great, just not full price great. Dutch culture can't be conquered that easily, silly. Lower your price and I'll be your regular customer, regardless, it gets a sollid recommended!