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Review of Red Bean Pumpkin Pancake 南瓜饼 at Pines Food Court by cody

photo of Pines Food Court Red Bean Pumpkin Pancake 南瓜饼 shared by @cody on  28 Apr 2021 - review

From the Dough Magic stall. Dough Magic moved from the non-air-con canteen, Foodclique, at the other end of the hostel to here, idk why. Many of their old dishes are not sold here anymore, but this is a new dish. I confirmed with the staff that the ingredients are glutinous rice, pumpkin, sesame seeds and red bean filling. As with their old stall, I confirmed that they do not use margarine, butter, eggs or other dairy products for this snack as well. Overall, I quite liked the taste of this. The texture was delightfully chewy and mochi-like, yet a little easier to chew through likely because of the pumpkin mixed into the glutinous rice flour. And this went well with the red bean filling, which is similar to what you find in Chinese red bean paus. I would prefer eating this to a red bean pau because of the excellent combination of the chewy texture and the hot oozing red bean paste. The only catch is that this was a little small (only slightly bigger than my palm, a 170cm male), and costs $1.50, which I could get 2 red bean paus and have 10c left over at the snacks stall in the same canteen.