Review of Strawberry Soymilk Dairy-Free Yogurt Alternative - Silk by stevenneoh

photo of Silk Strawberry Soymilk Dairy-Free Yogurt Alternative shared by @stevenneoh on  04 Feb 2021 - review


I like #strawberry, I like #soy yoghurt, and I like Silk, so quite how I'm only just having this for the first time is a real mystery 😏

It's tantalisingly sweet and the texture is the closest approximation I've found to dairy #yoghurt, so this definitely goes down as a favourite ☺️

#ditchdairy #abillionlove #berrylover

rupertpiers Yum Steve! Strawberry soy yoghurt sounds delicious!1 likeReply
mynameislisa I had Silk vanilla yogurt with sliced strawberries today. Synchronicity!1 likeReply
stevenneoh Three cheers to that! 😀Reply

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