Review of Vegan Southwest at Baby Salsa Mexican Restaurant by allisonwalters

photo of Baby Salsa Mexican Restaurant Vegan Southwest shared by @allisonwalters on  10 Jan 2021 - review

Loved everything about this! It was so much food that I ate it for 2 meals. The best rice ever and the quesadilla was sooo delicious! The servers at Baby Salsa are always very nice and the vegan menu is simply wonderful

malarky Hiya allison... Since your Gabriel’s meal looks so good, I am just checking in to see if I missed any of your reviews, and yes! I’ve missed this! I have not tried baby salsa, but I see there are two locations. Do you recommend one more than the other? It’s really wonderful to see a local establishment reviewed. I can’t thank you enough.Reply
allisonwalters Hey Mary, yes! Definitely try Baby Salsa. They have a whole 2-3 pages of vegan menu. It is delightful. The 5th street one is a sit-down restaurant, whereas the Terminal one is more of a drive-thru/pick-up. I would rec 5th street 😊1 likeReply
malarky Unbelievable... 2-3 pages! I’m definitely going, and taking you (your reviews) with me! And ... Rory too – if nothing more than to snap and review his meal haha!Reply
allisonwalters Yay! Enjoy 😊 I’m not sure who Rory is...Reply
malarky He is my vegan partner who is NOT on abillion... sorry for the confusion. I make him delay... and eat slightly cooled food with my slo-poke photography. Now I may use quotes like you do for his comments. That’s brilliant! Reply
allisonwalters Hahaha wonderful! Thank you Rory for your reviews 😁1 likeReply

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