Review of Gin Junk at Junk Cafe by stevenneoh

photo of Junk Cafe Gin Junk shared by @stevenneoh on  27 Dec 2020 - review

Less a café than an oddball bar on a side street off Love Lane. Their #cocktails are known to pack in a lot of flavour, and they don't skimp on the spirits either! 🥂 This was #gin with just mint, lemon, and sweet syrup. I was surprised at how much they managed to get out of these simple flavours. It's a very relaxed place and there isn't really a fixed, formal menu. Explore your options with the bartender; he knows enough to help you ensure it's all vegan 😉

The place itself is so nice, they collect junk from around the city and use that to decorate the space. Think broken guitars, 1960s kitchen machines, and old posters 😊 Wish I'd had the presence of mind to snap a few shots; unfortunately I was just a bit too high (yeah, they do that too 😂)


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