Review of Tofu Cashew Cheesecake - New Veganings by applepancakes

photo of New Veganings Tofu Cashew Cheesecake shared by @applepancakes on  26 Dec 2020 - review

New Veganings

$18 christmas dessert box from a new homebaker on Instagram! very tangy and lemony that I quite like! my sister and I both agreed it doesn’t taste like a cheesecake, but more of a lemon cake. not complaining though because we still enjoyed it! unlike usual cheesecakes that can get quite jelat, this was very light on the palate and enjoyable to eat. the macaroon Christmas tree on top was very cute but tasted kinda grassy idk why HAHA it didn’t really add much to the taste/texture but just a very nice deco hehe. the crust was nice and crumbly and thick enough!! sometimes cheesecake crusts are too thin but this I like. not sweet at all imo WHICH IS GOOD would eat again:D


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