Review of Make your own salad at Cedele Bakery Cafe - Novena Square by iloveveggies

photo of Cedele Bakery Cafe - Novena Square Make your own salad shared by @iloveveggies on  31 Oct 2020 - review

was going to get a burger but was told they only had white bread and I said okay before realising that it was probably not vegan and managed to stop them before they made my burger ! decided to get a salad then but tragically they had run out of mains and the staff (who seemed like a manager) didn't even offer to replace the main with more vegetable choices 🤧 not sure if the serving is normal or increased in view of no main oh well... didn't ask for replacement either but I probably should have.
got the white tahini sauce but honestly not even sure if he gave me the right sauce? because it tasted sour and I've never had tahini but I doubt it's supposed to be sour...

nevertheless, circumstances notwithstanding this was still yummy 😋


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