Review of Pepperoni - The Very Good Butchers by leo

photo of The Very Good Butchers Pepperoni shared by @leo on  01 Oct 2020 - review

The Very Good Butchers

I have seen ads for the The Very Good Butchers for a while now and have wanted to try their products, but they are located across the country and shipping was expensive. Luckily Coven Market in Hamilton has started carrying this brand so...ROAD TRIP!!!
We tried this straight out of the package and it was fantastic! It tastes like really good pepperoni! 😋
I dont really ever have occassion to cook with pepperoni so I probably wont buy it often, but I'm excited to try their other products! (Stuffed beast! 🤤😁)

veganonvanisle I LOVE the pep! I am one of those lucky folks that lives in Victoria and gets to try allll the things. This, the roast beast and the seitan "bacon" are my current top 3!1 likeReply
leo Ohh, yes you are so lucky!! ❤ So sounds like I need to try the roast beast?!1 likeReply
veganonvanisle Definitely!! I like it far better than the stuffed beast for taste and texture but get the stuffed beast often because its bigger and more satiating for groups! Pretty sure the holiday "meatbox" is, or will soon be, available online 🌱Reply

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